The project investigates e-Research approaches to historic weather data: sources, collaborations and methodologies for researching environmental change.

It is an AHRC Network, funded through the "Landscape and Environment" programme.

The Aims of Historic Weather are:
1. Articulate and explore a series of humanities research questions that will enable a better understanding of historical climatic variability and climate change which can be addressed by the use of digitized source materials and ICT research methods
2. Develop an e-research approach to integrating sources, academics and computational tools and methods for the representation and modeling of the data
3. Bring together key stakeholders responsible for the curation and use of historic primary research materials related to historic weather records, including maritime and terrestrial records (e.g. ship logs, diaries) with scientists and humanities researchers
4. Investigate how secondary source materials, including travelogs, diaries, and published data, can be linked to the primary source materials and also illustrate historic weather information
5. Facilitate collaboration between humanities scholars and researchers of climatic variability and climate change
6. Bring about effective public engagement with primary historic source materials